PlexiBar - Plexiglas bar table

PlexiBar series: Plexiglas bar tables. Top motif from the works of the author present on this same gallery. Photos of the author.
Artisan: Ivan de Nîmes
Vendor: Ivan de Nîmes
Delivery date: 3 weeks

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Plexiglas bar tables
Series Plexibas of Ivan of Nîmes *

Wood fiber / plexiglass elements.
Adjustable height: 68-88 cm.
360 ° turntable in MDF* and Plexiglass.
Foot in chromed steel.
Max load: 25 kg
Light table sold as a kit or assembled.
Around 39 different works* can be used as tables.
See related photos.
Made in France.

*Work created by Ivan de Nîmes, authenticated by the artist.
* Ivan Carcenac

*MDF: Medium-density fibreboard
Credits photos: Ivan Carcenac - all rights reserved

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